J2Store We're please to see the new version of J2Store, our favorite Joomla shop extension has been released.

The latest release in the v3 series now signifies it is a release candidate and can now be used on Live sites.

We'd like to thank and congratulate Ramesh, Jayshree and the rest of the J2Store team on this milestone. 

Code the City 3

Code the City 3

Code the City 3

Code the City 3

We had a great weekend at Code the City 3, it was an interesting and productive event all round.

The first day kicked off with a good warm up up session, to get us thinking.  Then it opened into groups to tackle various issues, new an previous.  I worked with Rob (@ormiret), Sadiq (@yayasadiq) and Stuart (@stuart_foy) on a FOI search engine.  This involved screen-scrapers to collect data from Scottish council websites, and a front-end interface.  The skill sets in the team were a good fit, Rob doing the backend and OCR, Stuart doing UI and visual design, Sadiq writing scrapers in Python and myself coding up the font-end.

Some outcomes...

All-in-all it was a great event, friendly and creative atmosphere and we saw some really cool things made.

Big thanks to Ian, Bruce, Steven and Andrew for organising the event.

Also, thanks to Eventifier, Aberdeen City Council, Fifth Ring and Aberdeen Uni for support and sponsorship.

This time code the city was taking the theme of Community Information.

We're really excited to be involved in Code the City 3, in Aberdeen this weekend.

This time code the city is taking the theme of Community Information.

We attended the first civic hack, Aberdeen Culture Hack, in April 2013, and have been a keen follower of these events ever since.

You can find out more and book a free ticket here.



The Joomla! Resources Directory is a new initiative for Joomla, a directory of Joomla resources listed by type, location and background. It should make it easier to find and choose Joomla solution providers generally. 

To quote the introductory blurb...

the Joomla! Resources Directory™ (JRD) of registered service providers for the Joomla! community. This is a place where you can quickly find professional service providers  to help you achive greater success with your Joomla! CMS.

So, obviously we are delighted to have our JRD listing live on the Joomla! Resources Directory!

SSOFB on the Joomla! Resources Directory

Joomla has a great track record on security. In the period of the rapid evolution of 1.7 to 3.3 (Aug 2011 till now) security has been treated as a priority, and as new features have been added, security has not suffered, as can be the case.  Good design patterns and a strong platform have be a huge help with this progress.

Whilst WordPress has always struggled with security, and Drupal has also had issues, Joomla has fared well generally.

You can keep up-to-date with the Joomla Security News Feed.

The Joomla Extention Directory (JED) is a huge resource for Joomla administrators and developers.  The new version has been under construction for the last few months and we've been following progress keenly.  So we're looking forward to the immanent release of the new system, sounds like it is just about a week away now.

A huge thanks to all involved in the project and process, it sounds like the new system will be a fantastic step forward.

While hosting is pretty much a utility these days, it is something we tend to get excited about.  We've been using Linode VPS system for 5 years now, and it provides a super-fast and exceptionally reliable system.

Read more on our Domain and Hosting page.

We've been using CCK extensions almost as long as we've been using Joomla, but we're seeing a really positive evolution lately. As the Joomla! content component has improved, there has been less that we needed CCKs for.  In tandem to this, the Joomla! plug-in architecture has become really useful.  So rather than replacing the Joomla! content component with a whole extra user interface, we can extend it, adding our fields data as required.  The solution we've been using for the last year or so is FieldsAttach which allows you to augment the Joomla! content editor with fields of your choosing.

It looks like an interesting future for Joomla! There is a great interview with Dave Hurley at...

We're now proud to be members of 57 North Hacklab.

57 North Hacklab is a great creative space with a diverse array of members all drawn towards the ideals of hacking and making.

It's located in the heart of Aberdeen, at 35a Union Street, just opposite Jamie's Italian restaurant.

For more info, see...