SSOFB - Web Development with Open Source in Aberdeen, Scotland

We have a wide range of experience with Joomla API development.

Our API-centric projects cover many formats and applications.  During the last few years, our API work has mainly being related to RESTful APIs for mobile App back-ends.   Joomla is a fantastic content management system, so it works well as a back-end for App content, with a set of RESTful JSON endpoints to handle data interchange.

We've also worked on several Joomla templates with UI/UX focused on making the Joomla front-end a simplified App content management platform.

If you have an API project that you need help or advice with please get in touch.

Examples of Joomla API projects we've worked on:

  • Appcelerator mobile app RESTful JSON API endpoints for the education sector.
  • JSON CURL interfaces for sending push notifications from Google Cloud Messenger and Apple Push Notification Service.
  • Ionic framework mobile app RESTful JSON API endpoints for the education sector.
  • Joomla content to SCORM data exchange for e-learning systems.
  • JSON interfaces with build systems for CI/CD provision.
  • Joomla user management and authentication via JSON endpoints.
  • Joomla to 37Signals json interfaces.
  • Product data exchange with XML middleware.
  • Development of continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) using Joomla and Jenkins.
  • Build system and API data system for CI/CD using Joomla and ThoughtWorks
  • Implementation of API testing and simulation environments using Docker.
  • API optimisation using xdebug and webgrind.

We spoke at the J & Beyond Joomla conference in Prague in 2015 on this subject, you can read more here.



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