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We've been doing Joomla! development for years, and Mambo development before that. Although we develop a lot of Joomla sites from scratch, we can also help you with yours.

We have a wide range of experience with Joomla API development.

Our API-centric projects cover many formats and applications.  During the last few years, our API work has mainly being related to RESTful APIs for mobile App back-ends.   Joomla is a fantastic content management system, so it works well as a back-end for App content, with a set of RESTful JSON endpoints to handle data interchange.

We've also worked on several Joomla templates with UI/UX focused on making the Joomla front-end a simplified App content management platform.

If you have an API project that you need help or advice with please get in touch.

Examples of Joomla API projects we've worked on:

  • Appcelerator mobile app RESTful JSON API endpoints for the education sector.
  • JSON CURL interfaces for sending push notifications from Google Cloud Messenger and Apple Push Notification Service.
  • Ionic framework mobile app RESTful JSON API endpoints for the education sector.
  • Joomla content to SCORM data exchange for e-learning systems.
  • JSON interfaces with build systems for CI/CD provision.
  • Joomla user management and authentication via JSON endpoints.
  • Joomla to 37Signals json interfaces.
  • Product data exchange with XML middleware.
  • Development of continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) using Joomla and Jenkins.
  • Build system and API data system for CI/CD using Joomla and ThoughtWorks
  • Implementation of API testing and simulation environments using Docker.
  • API optimisation using xdebug and webgrind.

We spoke at the J & Beyond Joomla conference in Prague in 2015 on this subject, you can read more here.



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Content Management Systems (CMS) are for when Simple Web Publishing is not enough, if you're taking your on-line presence to the next level.

Our Content Management Systems are the best way to get a highly sophisticated, bespoke website designed for you, that leaves you in control of the content. It pairs our great Web Design with a systems to allow you deliver a rich are varied web experience to your customers.

For a quick run down of why this is a great solution for you, check out the Features and Benefits of our Content Management Systems.

Content Management Systems can be used a variety of ways, either as an advanced way for you and you colleagues to publish and manage content (a great example of this is the BBC news website), or opening up you website to the wider community to interact and generate content in tandem with you (example of this is could be Facebook, MySpace or Wikipedia). Of course, there are many options in between, such as online shops allowing customers to review products, add comments to articles or chat live to other users.

If you need community features, forums, message boards, live messaging, user interaction, user reviews, blogs, online sales, online payment, secure extranet, auctions or other dynamic features, we can design and deliver a content management system to meet you requirements.

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Software Systems: Open For Business is not affiliated with or endorsed by the Joomla Project or Open Source Matters. The Joomla logo is used under a limited license granted by Open Source Matters the trademark holder in the United States and other countries.

Our Simple Web Publishing system is a great way to get a bespoke website designed for you, that leaves you in control of the content. It pairs our great Web Design with a systems to allow you to easily manage your website's content.

For a quick run down of why this is a great solution for you, check out the Features and Benefits of Simple Web Publishing.

A lot of companies will try to sell you website design, they will design you a website, and put the content that you give them on it. You pay your money, and you get a website. Sounds easy, but a good website, that is useful for it's owners and users, has to be kept up-to-date and fresh, otherwise people just don't come back. This is a bit of a problem if the firm who designed your website charges £200 every time you want to change anything.

At Software Systems OFB we'll design a attractive and easy to use website to meet your needs and convey the messages you want, fill it with your content, then it's over to you. All our designs are created as one-offs, so your website will be unique, not a the generic off-the-shelf template that some others will try to sell you. As our websites are created using a wiki-based system, you can easily change the content as much as you like, add, remove and edit pages, all password protected of course. We'll get you started, show you how it all works, then it's all yours, no support or maintenance fees, no lock-in and no nonsense. Of course, we're always there if you need support, a new feature or just a bit of advice.

This is probably what the industry would call CMS Lite, if you need something a little more sophisticated, we can do that too.

Example of web design, property developer website

Example of web design, property investment  website

Example of web design, technology company

At Software Systems: Open For Business, we believe in great web design. The appearance of a website is essential to communicating the right messages to it's users. Our tailored approach to website design means the look and feel of your website is ideally suited to the needs of you and your customers. We will work closely with you to establish what is required, and can create a design in keeping with you existing company image, or create something new depending on your needs.

Although web design is about creating a visually appealing website, it is also about accessibility and usability, two features you should not compromise on. For you site to be successful it has to be accessible on as many devices as possible, to the widest possible set of users, we achieve this by designing to standards and testing on a variety of platforms. A Ferrari is useless without a steering wheel, what's the purpose of a website if it is difficult to use, Internet users are generally impatient by nature, there is so much choice on-line, why struggle with a hard to use website. We'll make sure users find interacting with your website intuitive and enjoyable, so they'll find what they want easily, and keep coming back.

Of course, beauty is only skin deep, and a good website must put you in control of your content. To this end our web design services are twinned with our Simple Web Publishing or Content Management Systems solutions. If your website is a few dozen pages, then Simple Web Publishing is ideal for you, however if it's more like hundreds of pages, community features, catalogue, shop, and other interactive sections, then a Content Management System is more suited to your needs. Both options let you control and update your website in an easy and convenient way. The real win for you, is that you get all these advanced content editing features for the same price as a statically designed website.

If you'd like more information or to see live examples of our work please get in touch.