The full speaker list and schedule is now online for Joomla Day UK 2014 is now online on the Joomla Day UK site.  It's a great line-up from across the world, with some PLT members and community leaders taking to the stage.  We're looking forward to it, always a great Joomla event it sounds even better this year.

We were down at Aberdeen's 57North Hacklab today, great to see what's happening.  There was a great talk by Tony Travis of Minke Informatics on Parallella.  It's a great place for the Aberdeen technology, making and hacking community.  Tuesday is open night, so always a good time to pop down.  It's just opposite Jamie's in Union Street, so very central.

Finally, after probably far-too-long, we've updated our website.  It was very much a case of the cobblers children with no shoes, being too busy working on client's sites to keep our own up to date.  But, well, frankly, it was getting a bit embarrassing, as it was pretty much the same site as we created on start-up in 2008.

We're looking forward to speaking at Joomla Day UK, it looks a great line-up and we're proud to be a part of it.

We are looking forward to Joomla Day UK 2014 in Ascot, sure to be another great JDayUK. As ever, we're proud and happy to be involved with the event.

Great news from the Joomla project today, with the release of Joomla 3.3.

We're just off to Code Retreat Aberdeen for a bit of Zen coding.  This year it is a two track Code Retreat / Web Retreat event hosted by Aberdeen University.

Our presentation on template overrides, "Change your view, Joomla! template overrides, what, why and how", from Joomla Day UK 2013 went down well on the designers stream. 

Our presentation, "Protostar as a base for your template, steps for coding up a design with Joomla 3" Joomla Day UK 2013 was a busy session.

We are just back from a great Joomla Day UK in Ascot, west London.  Great job done from Ruth, Jodee and the rest of the team, huge thanks to them.